Why does TV production have clear advantages over film production?

Discover the advantages of TV production over film production and how shows like Game of Thrones benefit.

Why does TV production have clear advantages over film production?
Photo by Norbert Braun / Unsplash

The process of making a movie can indeed be time-consuming.

It typically involves several sequential steps, including pre-production, production, and post-production.

During pre-production, the screenplay is developed, the cast is selected, and the sets are built.

The production phase involves shooting the film, followed by the post-production stage, where editing, sound mixing, and visual effects are completed.

While principal shooting for a movie may only take a few months, factors such as actor availability can result in substantial delays, extending the overall timeline.

Conversely, TV shows such as Game of Thrones have certain advantages over movies in terms of production timelines.

After the initial season, many of the sets are already built, reducing the need for extensive pre-production.

Additionally, actors typically have contracts dictating their availability for predictable timeframes for potential future seasons, streamlining the scheduling process and reducing delays often faced in movie productions.

Simultaneous Storylines and Pre-built Sets

One key advantage that TV shows have over movies is the ability to have multiple plotlines and pre-built sets.

For example, in Game of Thrones, the various storylines, such as the Wall plot, the Khaleesi's storyline, and the events in Westeros, can all be filmed simultaneously.

This efficiency allows for a larger amount of content to be produced in a shorter period.

Another benefit for TV productions is the use of multiple production teams for pre, post, and simultaneous production in different locations, further maximizing efficiency and output.

Efficiency and Cost Considerations

TV shows also have the advantage of being able to produce content more efficiently than movies.

This is because they have a consistent crew and production schedule, which facilitates long-term planning and optimization.

Moreover, the longer production cycles of TV shows allow for the accumulation of collective skills and expertise which can translate into cost-effectiveness and speed.

End Note

TV shows like Game of Thrones benefit from several factors that enable them to release substantial amounts of high-quality content yearly.

The combination of pre-built sets, predictable actor availability, simultaneous filming of different storylines, and efficient production processes all contribute to the ability to deliver multiple hours of entertainment each year.