Why Do New Tires Have Tiny Hairs? Unraveling the Mystery of Tire Vent Spews

Uncover the mystery of tire vent spews and their role as a tire quality indicator in the tire manufacturing process.

Why Do New Tires Have Tiny Hairs? Unraveling the Mystery of Tire Vent Spews
Photo by Jose Rueda / Unsplash

Tires are often overlooked, yet essential components of any vehicle.

They are meticulously designed and crafted to ensure safety and performance.

But have you ever wondered about the tiny hairs often found on new tires?

Let's get to the bottom of this.

Tire Manufacturing Process

Tires are typically manufactured using a process known as vulcanization, where natural rubber is mixed with various compounds and then molded.

During this process, air becomes trapped inside the mold and must be released.

This is where the small hairs, or more accurately described as vent spews, come into play.

Purpose of Hairs

Contrary to popular belief, these tiny protrusions are not manufacturing artifacts but serve a functional purpose.

They act as air vents, allowing the trapped air to escape as the tire takes shape against the mold.

Additionally, they prevent air from becoming trapped, which could result in weak spots on the tire.

Tire Quality Indicator

Moreover, these small hairs are indicators of a tire's freshness.

As these hairs wear off after a few miles, they signify that the tire is brand new.

So, the next time you notice these tiny hairs on your new tires, you can rest assured that they are a sign of quality.

Tire Variations

It's important to note that not all tires exhibit these small hairs, as some manufacturers employ different molding techniques that do not leave behind these vent spews.

However, their absence does not compromise the tire's performance or safety.


In conclusion, the small hairs or vent spews found on tires are not just remnants of the manufacturing process; instead, they serve a crucial role in ensuring the tire's structural integrity and serve as a quality indicator.

Next time you're on the road, take a moment to appreciate the intricacies of your vehicle's tires, and remember, those tiny hairs are more than just a trivial detail.