What Happens When Light is Confined in a Reflective Box?

Exploring light confinement in a reflective box and its energy limits. Learn about the maximum light energy and black hole creation.

What Happens When Light is Confined in a Reflective Box?
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

Light is an essential aspect of our existence and understanding its behavior can be quite fascinating.

The concept of confining light within a box is not as straightforward as one might think.

Let's delve into the complexities of light confinement and the fascinating implications.

Behold the Reflective Box:

If we had a perfectly reflective box, we could potentially add an endless amount of light to it.

However, in reality, it's impossible to achieve perfect reflection.

When light is trapped within a box, the absorbed energy is converted into heat, posing limitations.

Reaching the Limits of Light Energy:

The size and material of the box become crucial factors in determining the amount of light that can be added before the box begins to deteriorate.

Melting becomes an issue as the energy within the box increases.

At a certain point, the concentration of energy can lead a box to collapse into a black hole.

For instance, a 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm box could contain approximately 1.1279 times 10^(43) joules of light before this cosmic phenomenon occurs.

To put this into perspective, our sun releases a mere 3.846 times 10^(26) joules per second.

An Unthinkable Scenario:

In the hypothetical scenario of having a perfectly reflective box, the notion of reaching a point where light's energy contributes to forming a black hole seems inconceivable.

It's a fascinating concept that underlines the sheer potency of light and its mysterious nature when confined within boundaries.

Considering the Improbable Limits:

Although the idea of packing a box with light to the point of forming a black hole is largely theoretical, it showcases the boundless potential and enigma of light.

Our understanding of light continues to evolve, presenting numerous mind-boggling possibilities.