How Intelligent Are Pigs Really?

Discover the intelligence and social complexity of pigs, from cognitive abilities to their unique social structure.

How Intelligent Are Pigs Really?
Photo by Ray Harrington / Unsplash

Pig Intelligence:

Pigs, often underestimated for their cognitive abilities, showcase remarkable problem-solving skills and complex behavioral patterns that attest to their intelligence.

Social Complexity of Pigs:

Highly social animals, pigs exhibit a complex social structure and form strong emotional bonds within their groups, paralleling the social complexity found in other highly intelligent animals.

They are capable of recognizing and distinguishing between individual pigs and humans, displaying an advanced level of social awareness.

Pig Cognitive Abilities:

In addition to their social complexity, pigs display astonishing cognitive abilities.

They have been observed learning words and commands, akin to dogs.

Furthermore, pigs have exhibited self-awareness by passing the mirror test, a compelling indicator of their cognitive sophistication.


Pigs’ social complexity, cognitive abilities, and emotional intelligence portray them as incredibly intelligent creatures, reflecting a spectrum of intelligence that rivals many highly-regarded animals.

Further recognition and understanding of their cognitive capabilities are paramount.